"You haven't seen anything yet!" - Oyster Jim

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Quotes from thousands of reviews:

“What unbelievable vision Oyster Jim Martin has had with the inception of this trail, and how well thought out it is. Various accesses, excellent signage, degrees of difficulty well indicated - and views, oh my gosh, the views. A million photos could not do justice to the force and might and grandeur of the Pacific Ocean and this shoreline, it's something that must be experienced".

BC achievement award announced

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2017 Board Members:

Elected in May 2017:

Administrator: Shannon Szymczakowski
Ucluelet Council Rep: Marilyn McEwen
Director of Parks & Recreation: Abby Fortune

Oyster Jim said, “The Wild Pacific Trail Society’s board of directors have been just great! The longest serving of those and the person who best represents the trail is president, Barbara Schramm, who deserves special recognition.”

Wild PAcific Trail board at visioning session

Planning for the future

Board members and 'Friends of the Trail' have been attending yearly development sessions and continue to dream big! Future plans are in the works for expanded interpretive walks on the trail with our program partners, our Trail Ambasador and special guest interpretors. We are also planning more interpretive displays, new trails and concepts for a Wild Pacific Trail education centre.

Stay tuned, this group moves fast!

Year in review presented at AGM

Please contact info@wildpacifictrail.com if you wish a membership with the society.